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Year Built
Official Number
Ship Yard
Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding Division
General Type
Dry Cargo
Specific Type
Break Bulk
Ship Length
494.6 feet
69.00 feet
Mast Height
139.5 feet
Net Tons
5990 tons
Gross Tons
9930 tons
Cargo Capacity
Draft, Summer
30.00 tons
Draft, Lightweight
12.1 tons
Displacement, Summer
18560 tons
Displacement, Lightweight
5876 tons
Immersion, Summer
57.0 tons
Immersion, Lightweight
47.0 tons

Historical Narrative

There is no historical narrative for this vessel at this time.

Vessel Name History

1963 - 1985: Sheldon Lykes
1985 - 2010: Cape Cod
Mission Name
Operations Desert Shield/Storm/Sortie
Historical Documents
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C3-S-37c Booklet of General Plans.pdf The default expand picture that is represented by a plus sign The default generic picture representing a download icon


Event: Entry
Date: 6/11/1984

Event: Acquisition
Date: 7/31/1984

Event: Ship Name Change
Date: 9/1/1985

Ship SHELDON LYKES changes name to CAPE COD
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 10/4/1996

Event: Dismantlement Complete
Date: 3/26/2010

Vessel dismantlement complete
Event: Withdrawal
Date: 3/26/2010

Ship Imagery

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Status Cards

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11/29/1961 Historical C3-S-37c Booklet of General Plans.pdf The default expand icon picture which is by default a plus sign The download picture that indicates an icon for downloading action.


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Shipwreck Information

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