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Year Built
Official Number
Ship Yard
California Shipbuilding Corporation
General Type
Break Bulk
Specific Type
Break Bulk
Ship Length
417.6 feet
56.8 feet
Mast Height
Net Tons
4380 tons
Gross Tons
7176 tons
Cargo Capacity
499573 square feet
Draft, Summer
Draft, Lightweight
Displacement, Summer
Displacement, Lightweight
Immersion, Summer
Immersion, Lightweight

Historical Narrative

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Vessel Name History

1943 - 1943: Jacob Riis
1943 - 1959: Samholt

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Historical Documents

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Event: Lend-Lease
Date: 7/17/1943

Vessel lend-leased to British Ministry of War Transport
Event: Vessel Name Change
Date: 7/17/1943

Vessel name changed from JACOB RIIS to SAMHOLT
Event: End of Lend-Lease
Date: 7/15/1947

Term of vessel lend-lease ended; vessel placed under the general agency of Cosmopolitan Shipping Co.
Event: Entry
Date: 10/17/1947

Vessel entered James River Reserve Fleet
Event: Withdrawal
Date: 10/26/1959

Sold to Bethlehem Steel Co. for scrap

Ship Imagery

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Status Cards

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