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Year Built
Official Number
Ship Yard
Walsh-Kaiser Company
General Type
Passenger Ship
Specific Type
Troop/Training Ship
Ship Length
426 feet
58 feet
Mast Height
Net Tons
3288 tons
Gross Tons
5850 tons
Cargo Capacity
11600 square feet
Draft, Summer
Draft, Lightweight
Displacement, Summer
Displacement, Lightweight
Immersion, Summer
Immersion, Lightweight

Historical Narrative

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Vessel Name History

1944 - 1946: Devosa (AKA-27)
1946 - 1966: Kings Pointer

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Historical Documents

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Event: Vessel Name Change
Date: 4/2/1946

Vessel name changed from DEVOSA (AKA-47) to KINGS POINTER upon being transferred back to the Maritime Commission; the vessel was delivered to USMMA to be used as a training ship.
Event: Entry
Date: 5/14/1947

Vessel entered the reserve fleet at Lee Hall, Virginia (now James River Reserve Fleet) for lay up.
Event: Withdrawal
Date: 11/3/1954

Vessel was removed from the reserve fleet and sent to the shipyard as part of the 1954 repair program.
Event: Entry
Date: 11/5/1955

Vessel entered the Wilmington Reserve Fleet for lay up following repairs.
Event: Sold
Date: 7/14/1966

Vessel sold to be scrapped to the Boston Metals Company.
Event: Withdrawal
Date: 8/6/1966

Vessel departed Wilmington Reserve Fleet following scrap sale

Ship Imagery

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Status Cards

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