HOGA (YTM-146)

Year Built
Official Number
Ship Yard
Consolidated Steel Corporation
General Type
Not Assigned
Specific Type
Not Assigned
Ship Length
101.0 feet
28.00 feet
Mast Height
Net Tons
Gross Tons
Cargo Capacity
Draft, Summer
11.00 tons
Draft, Lightweight
Displacement, Summer
310 tons
Displacement, Lightweight
260 tons
Immersion, Summer
Immersion, Lightweight

Historical Narrative

USS Hoga was commissioned in 1941 as a Navy yard tug. 

The vessel was assigned to the Pearl Harbor district and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1942.  During the attack, Hoga supported several vessels before assisting in the intentional grounding of the USS Nevada (BB-36) to prevent the disabled ship from blocking the harbor mouth.  Hoga then fought fires on the Nevada, USS Maryland (BB-46), and USS Tennessee (BB-43). 
The tug then spent nearly three days continuously fighting fires on the USS Arizona (BB-39). 

remained on active duty in Pearl Harbor for the remainder of World War II.  In 1948, the Navy loaned the vessel to the City of Oakland, for use by the city as a fire boat.  Hoga was reconditioned for its new duties and spent the next four decades as the port’s fire boat. 

Hoga was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989, and was returned to the Navy in 1994 before being deactivated in 1996.

The vessel was berthed in the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet from December 6, 1996 until November 28, 2006, but remained a US Navy asset.  It has been transferred to the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, where it is now a memorial ship.

Naval History and Heritage Command Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships entry on USS Hoga.


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Event: Entry
Date: 12/6/1996

Arrived at Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet as a US Navy reimbursable asset.
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 10/17/2000

Temporary relocation to local shipyard
Event: Interim Movement
Date: 10/31/2000

Returned from repair facility
Event: Departure
Date: 11/28/2006

Vessel departed this date under Navy custody, enroute to Mare Island to await transit to Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, North Little Rock, AR.
Event: Withdrawal
Date: 7/31/2012

Donated by the Navy to the city of North Little Rock, AR.

Ship Imagery

ad3be199-efc7-4932-b797-dae9fb989642.jpg bb28e8b2-5531-40c0-884c-a9371d1468d0.jpg

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