U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood ReleasesCapital Investment Report on the U.S. Merchant Marine


News Release #: MARAD 05-10
Date: Mar 5 2010
Contact: Office of Congressional and Public Affairs
Contact Phone: 202-366-5807



U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood today formally released to Congress and to the public the “Blue Ribbon” Panel Report on the U.S Merchant Marine Academy. The report, commissioned in May 2009, examines the current U.S. Merchant Marine Academy facilities and provides advice to the Maritime Administration on the priority of future capital projects.


“The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and its midshipmen are a priority of the Department of Transportation, and it is our goal to restore the Academy to its place as a jewel among service academies,” said Secretary LaHood.


Members of the Blue Ribbon Panel were selected for their knowledge of the maritime industry, management and administration of academic institutions, and current engineering and construction practices.


Every year, the Merchant Marine Academy graduates over 200 young men and women from throughout the nation to sail as deck and engineering officers on American commercial ships. The Academy, operated by the U. S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration, is located in Kings Point, along the north shore of New York’s Long Island. The facility includes midshipmen berthing, a mess hall, waterfront piers, athletic facilities, classrooms, ship simulators and engineering laboratories.


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