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Grounded Monongahela Refloat Scheduled for Tuesday Morning


The Maritime Administration announced today that its contractor, Titan Salvage, will attempt to refloat the Monongahela on Tuesday morning, January 26, during the James River’s high-tide cycle.


The Monongahela has been aground since Nov. 13, 2009, when a severe overnight storm in the area caused the vessel to break free of its mooring and drift into shallow water.


Once refloated and pulled into deep water, the ship will be towed and secured at its proper mooring site in the James River Reserve Fleet.

What: Grounded vessel refloat and towing


When: Tuesday, January 26, 2010, during the morning high tide


Where: Near the shoreline, one-half mile south of the JRRF site

near Fort Eustis, Va.


NOTE 1: A sounding will be conducted once the ship refloats, and then again should any sign of trim change be observed. Also, a second sounding will be done before the ship is re-ballasted to its pre-grounding tank levels and drafts.


NOTE 2: MARAD will not be making arrangements to transport media representatives to or from the site. The refloating activity should be visible from the shore, the river and/or the air.


The James River Reserve Fleet site one of three fleet sites maintained by the Maritime Administration. For more information on the fleets or the agency’s ship disposal program, visit the Maritime Administration website online at


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