Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the Maritime Industry

The meeting was convened on Friday 24 June 2016 for the maritime industry to present a proposal that improves the quality of life onboard vessels and provides a working and training environment that is both safe and respectful for the Midshipmen.

The discussions focused on industry culture, sexual assault and sexual harassment awareness and prevention efforts, industry-wide best practices and reporting protocols and implementable actions, including how to proactively address the issues, training programs involving the companies and mariner unions, assignment of onboard mentors, debriefing of all Midshipmen upon completion of their Sea Year training, vessel visits by company operations representatives, and a 24/7 hotline with duress code available to all Midshipmen.

While there remains more to be done before Sea Year is reinstituted, the maritime industry is working to address the working environment and climate onboard commercial vessels and MARAD is currently reviewing the proposal presented by the industry.

Here are the presentations that were made at the meeting:

Presentation: Size and Scope of SA/SH – DOD Perspective:

MG Camille Nichols, Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Presentation: Problems & Solutions –Addressing the SA/SH Issues:

CAPT Chuck Marks, Fleet Forces Command Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Officer, Military Sealift Command

Presentation: Industry’s Perspective Addressing SA/SH:

Michael G. Roberts, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Crowley Maritime

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment reports: