Foreign Transfer (U.S. flag vessels)

Providing required approval for all U.S. Documented Vessels over 1,000 gross tons switching to foreign ownership and/or registry and flag

The Maritime Administration is changing its approval process for the Request for Transfer of Ownership, Registry, and Flag, or Charter, Lease, or Mortgage of U.S. documented vessels (MA-29) to include notification to the Environmental Protection Agency of the request. This notice is to advise applicants of the potential processing delay so that they can factor it into their business plans.

Under 46 U.S.C. § 56101, U.S. documented vessels 1,000 gross tons and over require approval of the Maritime Administration to be transferred to foreign ownership, flag and/or registry. Vessels 3,000 gross tons and over are subject to additional financial terms and conditions contained in 46 CFR Part 221. The Maritime Administration requires a formal application with supporting (U.S. Coast Guard Form 1330) documentation including an original Coast Guard issued certificate of ownership. The Maritime Administration charges the following fees for processing applications.

MA-29 application fees schedule:

Vessels 3,000 gross tons                    $325.00
Vessels less than 3,000 gross tons    $170.00
Amendments to existing contract        $260.00

Payment shall be made by Cashier’s Check, Certified Check or Money Order Payable to “Maritime Administration”

Completed applications and payments should be mailed to:

Department of Transportation
Maritime Administration MAR-630
1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.
2nd Floor, West Building
Washington, DC 20590



Patricia Thomas
Vessel Transfer Officer
Office of Sealift Support
202-366-2646 or 202-366-2354
202-493-2180 (fax)

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