Great Lakes Corridor Map

map showing shipping lines that are part of the Marine Highway Program
Click on a shipping line on the map to learn more about that service.

4) Interlake Services 4) Interlake Services 4) Interlake Services 4) Interlake Services 3) Manitowoc - Ludington (Passengers, Personal Vehicles, Trucks and General Cargo) 2) Ontario - Montreal (Container) 1) Detroit - Windsor (Passengers, Personal Vehicles and Trucks - HAZMAT)

1)  Detroit – Windsor (passengers, personal vehicles & trucks - hazmat)
The Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry operates between Michigan and Ontario, alleviating border congestion at the Ambassador and Blue Water Bridges which handle over 10,000 trucks per day. These points have been identified as the most congested border crossing between the United States and Canada. (Federal law restricts the transportation of hazardous materials from local bridges and tunnels. The ferry service is the only legal crossing for these materials at this cross-border area.) For information and bookings, please email Tim Gagnier in Windsor at or James Primus in Detroit at

2)  Ontario - Montreal (container)
McKeil Marine offers this dedicated container-on-barge service from Hamilton Port Authority (through the St. Lawrence Seaway and Lake Ontario for transshipped cargo to and from India/Pakistan. The service consists of 68 containers that are brought there by Maersk and CMA CGM, stressing the importance of the link between the marine highways and international shipping. For information and bookings, please contact Paulo Pessoa at (905) 528-4141, ext. 236.

3)  Manitowoc - Ludington (passengers, personal vehicles, trucks & general cargo)
The Lake Michigan Car Ferry provides this twice-daily service form Wisconsin to Michigan with the SS Badger, a 410-foot vessel capable of hauling 2,000 tons of cargo. The service operates between a three-hour transit, providing an 180-nautical-mile alternative over the 413-mile drive (over seven hours) via Chicago, IL. For information and bookings, please call (231) 843-1509.

4)  Interlake Services
Services run between various points on Lakes Erie, Superior, Michigan, Ontario, and Huron and involve the carriage of dry, liquid and general cargoes which help in the infrastructure development and energy production. For more information, please see the Lake Carriers Association or contact Glen Nekvasil at (440) 333-9996.


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