Gettysburg Stern
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SS Gettysburg (Disposed)

The product tanker Gettysburg was originally launched as the Esso Gettysburg at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Newport News, Virginia on October 11, 1956.  It was one of three identical tankers built at Newport News for the Esso Shipping Company, a subsidiary of the Esso Oil Company, which in 1973 became Exxon.   The ship was initially employed in transporting crude oil between the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. East Coast.  The Esso Gettysburg also delivered refined petroleum products from Gulf coast refineries to ports on the East Coast and delivered petroleum products between Aruba and Japan.  On January 1, 1973, the Esso Gettysburg was renamed Exxon Gettysburg to reflect the company’s new name.   After a 30-year career, the ship was retired and entered the Maritime Administration’s Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet on October 8, 1986, where its name was changed to Gettysburg.  

The vessel was withdrawn from the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet on May 21, 2010, and is now in Brownsville, Texas being recycled.

Gettysburg Bow
Gettysburg Bow Gettysburg Stern