Year Built
Official Number
Ship Yard
Sun ShipBuilding & Drydock
General Type
Break Bulk
Specific Type
Break Bulk
Ship Length
508.15 feet
75 feet
Mast Height
Net Tons
6720 tons
Gross Tons
11250 tons
Cargo Capacity
Draft, Summer
31.948 tons
Draft, Lightweight
13.5 tons
Displacement, Summer
20809 tons
Displacement, Lightweight
8067 tons
Immersion, Summer
68.0 tons
Immersion, Lightweight
53.0 tons

Historical Narrative

United States Lines built the break-bulk cargo vessel American Racer in 1964, which it operated on both commercial service and military charter.  The vessel was under charter with Military Sealift Command (MSC) in April 1975 when it participated in Operation FREQUENT WIND, the evacuation of American and Vietnamese personnel during the fall of Saigon.  Along with several other cargo ships, American Racer was able to assist in the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from South Vietnam.

The Maritime Administration took possession of American Racer in July 1983 as a trade-in.  The vessel was berthed in the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet, where it was downgraded to non-retention status in 1998. American Racer was removed from the fleet to be scrapped on December 10, 2010; dismantlement was complete on June 13, 2011.

The National Park Service has completed a HAER survey on the vessel which includes a narrative history and is available in the Documents section.

Historical Documents
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Event: Entry
Date: 7/15/1983

Event: Acquisition
Date: 7/15/1983

Event: Cleared Historic Review
Date: 9/15/2009

Vessel cleared NHPA processing.
Event: Withdrawal
Date: 6/13/2011

Ship Imagery

Status Cards


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6/22/2009 American_Racer_Memorandum_of_Agreement.pdf
12/13/2013 American_Racer_HAER_Report.pdf