Hawaii Harbors Infrastructure Expansion Program


The vision of the Hawaii Harbors Infrastructure Expansion Program is to provide modern commercial harbor facilities within the State of Hawaii through a partnership between the federal government and the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Harbors Division.


The mission of the Hawaii Harbors Infrastructure Expansion Program is to stimulate economic development and provide more efficient movement of goods and services through the State of Hawaii through the Maritime Administration's partnership with the Harbors Division. By modernizing and expanding the existing facilities and equipment, the commercial harbors system will be able to meet expected growth in established trade, encourage natural resource exports, create employment opportunities by attracting new industry and new cargo movement and energize the commercial harbors' economic engine capabilities.


The Maritime Administration established a partnership in 2005 with the Hawaii DOT, Harbors Division to assist them in developing and modernizing the various commercial harbors within the State.  In establishing this program, the agency’s role has been to provide federal oversight and coordination of projects, to act as a central procurement organization, leveraging federal and non-federal funding resources, and streamlining the environmental review and permitting process.


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