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California Energy Commission

Preliminary Natural Gas Market Assessment

Revised Natural Gas Assessment


Center for Energy Economics

The Role of LNG in North American Natural Gas Supply and Demand (2004)

CEE Research and Public Education on LNG


Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG)

An Evaluation of the Approaches Used To Predict Potential Impacts of Open Loop LNG Vaporization Systems on Fishery Resources of the Gulf of Mexico


Department of Energy

Department of Energy: LNG forums


Energy Information Administration

 Annual Energy Outlook: 2013 (with projections to 2040)

Energy Briefs

Natural Gas Explained: Where Our Natural Gas Comes From

Natural Gas Pipeline Development and Expansion

Underground Natural Gas Working Storage Capacity


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Consequence Assessment Methods for Incidents Involving Releases from Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers


General Accounting Office (GAO)

Energy Markets: Mergers and Other Factors That Affect the U.S. Refining Industry


INGAA Foundation

An Updated Assessment of Pipeline and Storage Infrastructure for the North American Gas Market: Adverse Consequences of Delays in the Construction of Natural Gas Infrastructure


Intertanko Conference

Marine Transportation of LNG


Maritime Administration

Deepwater Port Licensing Program Brochure


Natural Petroleum Council

Hard Truths: Facing the Hard Truths about Energy

Hard Truths Facing the Hard Truths about Energy: (One Year Later)

Balancing Natural Gas Policy – Fueling the Demands of a Growing Economy

Volume I (Summary of Findings and Recommendations)

Volume II (Integrated Report)

Volume III (Demand Task Group Report)

Volume IV (Supply Task Group Report)

Volume V (Transmission and Distribution Task Group Report and LNG Subgroup Report)

Summary of the National Petroleum Council’s (NPC) LNG Report


Offshore Technology Conference

Offshore Transfer, Re-Gasification and Salt Dome Storage of LNG


Sandia National Laboratories

Breach and Safety Analysis of Spills Over Water from Large Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers

LNG Spill Risk Management


SENES Consultants Limited

A Study of the Anticipated Impacts on Canada from the Development of Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals on Passamaquoddy Bay


University of Houston Law Center

LNG Safety and Security


U.S. House of Representatives

Written testimony of H. Keith Lesnick to the Committee on Homeland Security


U.S. Senate

Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas