Maritime Administration News Releases 2008

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Dec 1 2008$3.5 Million awarded for Environment-Friendly Ship Clean-Up in California
Oct 21 2008Rear Admiral Allen B. Worley Named Superintendent of U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Oct 3 2008Maritime Administration Unveils Comprehensive Web-Based Information System
Aug 18 2008New Data Show Growing Global Demand for Trained Merchant Mariners
Aug 15 2008New Humanitarian Use For Government Ships
Aug 12 2008Maritime Administrator Sean T. Connaughton Leads Delegation of U.S. Maritime Officials in Meetings in Tokyo
Aug 12 2008Agreement Signed By Maritime Administration, Hapag-Lloyd Creates Training Opportunies For Merchant Marine Cadets
Aug 6 2008Progress Celebrated as 75th Ship Leaves James River Fleet
Jul 30 2008Statement from Maritime Administrator Sean T. Connaughton Concerning the West Coast Pact
Jul 28 2008Last World War II-Era Liberty Ship Leaving James River Reserve Fleet
Jul 16 2008Two Ships from Beaumont Fleet Sell for $1.6 Million
Jul 14 2008Government Sells Two Obsolete Vessels For More Than $1 Million Each
Jul 7 2008VADM Stewart Announces Retirement from U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Jun 30 2008Maritime Administration Announces it's Environmental Assessment for National Defense Reserve Fleet Sites
Jun 16 2008New Training Agreement Opens Maritime Job Opportunties
Jun 13 2008Maritime Administration Sells Two Cruise Ships
Jun 4 2008Last Liberty Ship May Go To Greece
May 6 2008Baltimore Facility Wins Contract on N.S. Savannah
Apr 24 2008Maritime Administration Awards $9.8 Million in Shipyard Grants
Mar 24 2008Adonis Sells for More Than $1 Million
Mar 14 2008Maritime Administration Selects Director for Seattle Gateway Office
Feb 29 2008U.S. Department of Transportation to Recycle Three More Ships
Jan 29 2008U.S. Department of Transportation Sells Three Ships for Recycling
Jan 24 2008Wounded Warriors to Serve at Merchant Marine Academy
Jan 9 2008Maritime Administrator Obeserves New Terminal Technology to Make Port More Efficient, Competitive
Jan 2 2008New Agreement Expands Opportunities for Americans