Office of Security

The Office of Security (OS) is one of three Offices that report to the Associate Administrator for Environment and Compliance. The mission of the Office of Security is to promote and contribute to security throughout America’s marine transportation system. The Office of Security provides maritime security data support, maritime warnings, and advisories for U.S.-flag vessels by using information technology. In addition, this office contributes maritime security expertise in interagency working groups, assists in developing best business practices to improve security, conducts demonstration projects in improving maritime security, and contributes to maritime security training. This office plays a crucial interagency role in combating global piracy.

MARAD Advisories

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW MARAD ADVISORIES: Maritime Administration Advisories rapidly disseminate information on maritime danger, safety, and government policy, and other time sensitive matters pertaining to U.S.-flag vessel operations. Maritime Administration Advisories are issued by the Office of Security to vessel masters, ship operators, and other U.S. maritime interests. Advisories are communicated via telex or other message formats, and published on the Maritime Administration’s web site and the National Imaging and Mapping Agency's Weekly Notice to Mariners.