Policy Documents

The Maritime Administration collaborates extensively with stakeholders from all transportation sectors and modes in order to accomplish its mission to improve and strengthen the U.S. marine transportation system. Through long range planning and analysis, the Maritime Administration’s Office of Policy and Plans looks ahead and develops plans for integrating the Maritime Administration’s activities with those of other appropriate government agencies as well as private sector marine transportation stakeholders. Special short-term analyses and evaluations, briefings, and policy papers on current and projected future marine transportation issues are often prepared to help inform policy level officials of the Maritime Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Office of Management and Budget, and other agencies. Because of these efforts, the Maritime Administration plays a key role in implementing the U.S. marine transportation policy objectives contained in: 1) the statements of the President, the Secretary of Transportation, the Maritime Administrator, and other policymaking officials; 2) the DOT and Maritime Administration Strategic Plans; and 3) legislative authorities and direction.

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