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Mount Vernon

Vessel History

The Maritime Administration's National Register eligibility assessment for Mount Vernon contains a detailed history of the vessel.

Vessel Specifications

Vessel Name Year Built Ship Yard Official Number General Type Specific Type
Mount Vernon 1961 General Dynamics 284178 Tanker Tanker
Length Beam Mast Height Net Tons Gross Tons Cargo Capacity
736.1 102 -- 18,040 27,496 --
Draft (Summer) Draft (Lightweight) Displacement (Summer) Displacement (Lightweight) Immersion (Summer) Immersion (Lightweight)
-- -- 59,926 12,929 -- --

Fleet Entry and Exit

Fleet Entry Date Fleet Exit Date
-- --


Vessel Status Cards

  • None

Vessel Disposal Cards

  • None



Mount Vernon Bow in Fleet
Mount Vernon Bow in Fleet