Internship / Externship Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • What organization is the internship with and where is it located?

The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD), Office of Chief Counsel is located at the Department of Transportation Headquarters building located at 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE  Washington, DC  20590.  The Agency’s website is located at

  •  What does MARAD’s Office of Chief Counsel do?

MARAD is the U.S. Federal Agency tasked with promoting and supporting the U.S. shipping industry. The Office of Chief Counsel is engaged in a broad and complex Federal agency legal practice. The work includes a full range of support for MARAD’s programs and the work necessary to support the Agency. Work is carried on in the Divisions of Maritime Programs, General Law and Litigation, and Legislation and Regulations, as well as by specialized international law, employment law, environmental law and government contract attorneys.

  •  What are the work and duties assigned to interns?

The legal intern program is designed to afford every intern with experience in several areas of practice as well as with general exposure to the Agency’s mission as a whole. Interns are expected to conduct research and produce legal memorandum in support of the Office of Chief Counsel and the mission of MARAD on a variety of legal issues involving maritime, environmental, international, contract and government law. Work will be done involving each of the Office of Chief Counsel’s divisions, including general law, litigation, legislation and regulations. The interns will observe and participate in intra and inter-agency conferences and learn about the workings and administration of the U.S. Federal government.

  • How is the internship program organized?

Each intern is assigned a mentor who will regularly confer with the student, make sure that the intern receives a variety of substantive legal work, and ensure that the intern is receiving a balanced and valuable experience.

  •  What is the salary?

The internship position is unpaid. However, interns may receive transit benefits to assist in covering the use of public transportation to and from the office

  • Can I receive academic credit?

The Office of Chief Counsel will work with each intern’s law school to assist the student in acquiring academic credit. 

  • What law schools have participated in the Office of Chief Counsel’s intern program?

Students from any accredited law school in the United States may apply. Past participants have attended:
o American University, Washington College of Law
o Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law
o George Mason University School of Law
o Georgetown University Law School
o George Washington University Law School
o Howard University School of Law
o Tulane University Law School
o University of Miami, School of Law
o University of Michigan Law School  

  • What is the length of the internship and the hours the intern are expected to work?

There are three separate internship terms, Summer, Fall, and Spring, to coincide with law schools’ academic terms. The work schedule is fairly flexible and most students work part time (approximately 15 hrs/week) during the Fall and Spring terms. Students are expected to work full time (40 hrs/week) during the Summer term.  

  • What are the hiring criteria?

Applicants must:

    • be a U.S. citizen;
    • have completed one academic year of legal education and be currently enrolled in a legal program at an accredited law school in the United States, and;
    • have strong writing, verbal communication, and organization skills. 
  • How do I apply for an internship position?

Email cover letter, resume, writing sample, and transcript to Krystyna Bednarczyk at

  • When do I need to apply?

Applications must be received for the Summer, Fall, and Spring terms as follows:

    • Summer: January 30th
    • Fall: July 15th
    • Spring: October 1st